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We all seek some sort of inspiration to move ahead in life. Sometimes, the emotional baggage pull us down, and the things go all gloomy, it is when the quotes by famous personalities who left a mark on the world help us rise and shine.
But today, things have taken a toll on this act of ‘getting inspired’. Social media has become a platform where self-proclaimed poets come together to post some of the most nonsensical shit in the name of the inspiring stuff.
Now, as we were scrolling through these ‘uber cool’ (sense the sarcasm) quotes, we decided to go ahead and imagine some ‘famous’ celebs giving ‘HONEST’ quotes that’ll inspire the shit out of you, scroll down:-
1). Rakhi Sawant

It must have hurt a lot getting choke-slammed on the ground, POOR RAKHI!

2). Aamir Khan

Yash Raj ‘THUG’ lenge…’THUG’ lenge….Yash Raj ‘THUG’ lenge…I can feel your pain Mr. Perfectionist!

3). Narendra Modi

Ram Lalla Ham Aayge, Mandir Wahi Banayge or maybe not, nahi to election me mudda kya layge phir?

4). Shashi Tharoor

Exasperating Farrago unleashed in its full throttle!

5). Mahendra Singh Dhoni

DRS ka king kaun??
- MS Dhoni!

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- Shivam
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