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You know every season has a certain emotion attached to it. Summer is vibrant and eccentric while winter is calm and soulful but the rainy season is something that comes with a tornado of mixed emotions; it can give you feels of joy and wonder and it can also send you in the house of distress and longing.
Rain is undoubtedly a reflection of the human psyche; inexplicable and a chaotic unification of emotions. Rain tends to say a lot of things to us but only seldom we understand it. Similarly, photography is an art that tends to speak a thousand words; how cool can it be if someone just merges these two to bring out some charming pictures, pretty intriguing, eh?
Well, a photographer listened to our desire and started a project titled: ‘Raindrop Blues Project’, where he clicks fascinating pictures in rain to bring out some oneiric reality. The photographer who goes by the name, Alessio Trerotoli, has posted his illustrative brilliant work on his Instagram account and enjoys a pretty nice following there.
So, let us all get drenched: -

1). The Tint Called BLUE!

2). Sitting Alone, Loving Some And Longing For None

3). When The Light Plays Tricks, Miracle Happens

4). Swollen Eyes, Bitter Winds And Regretful Decisions

5). A Rainbow Appeared Before The Rain Stopped

Alessio keeps on posting such stuff and his work is really virtuous, if you are someone who gets enchanted by ecstatic pictures, you must go ahead and follow this man here:
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- Shivam
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