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WhatsApp is one application that can be seen on every other phone, the popular messaging app has become a sort of necessity nowadays. Right from sharing texts to pictures or making Business accounts; WhatsApp is the one-stop solution for everything and anything. Now, you will be startled to know that WhatsApp is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year and on this occasion let us have a look at 5 milestones that this application touched over years to become what it has become:-

1). After being launched in 2009, WhatsApp started gathering users and after making a good chunk of audience, it finally bought out the location feature in 2010, and this feature was loved by one and all.

2). After introducing the WhatsApp group feature in 2013, the company touched the glorious milestone of 500 million users in 2014 and became one of the top most companies in the social world.

3). Mark Zuckerberg saw possibilities and decided to buy and merge WhatsApp with Facebook in 2014. This year also saw the introduction of ‘Blue Ticks’ feature and this feature became the talk of the ‘Gossip World’ in no time.

4). 2016 marked the year when WhatsApp touched the much awaited 1 billion users mark. This year also saw the inception of the end to end encryption and the audio/video calling features.

5). In January 2018, WhatsApp amassed a huge 1.5 billion users and introduced other great features like WhatsApp Business app, WhatsApp Group calling and WhatsApp stickers. And, now WhatsApp is celebrating its tenth anniversary.

Indeed, a great journey!
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- Shivam
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