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Indian society can never be understood completely. On one hand, they talk about changing the thoughts and traditions and on the other side they don’t want to live up to that. There have been so many taboos in India that are literally blindly followed by people. Out of all these restrictions, one is always seen imposed on the married couple. That vague tradition is of having a kid as soon as you get married. It has become a necessary think to talk to every married couple who want to live child-free.
However, this idea of being child-free infuriates the Indian people and they open their mouth to call out some bitter words. Here are some silly things people asked to married couple when they say they don’t want kids-
1. What will you do when you are old?
Someone ask then when children leave their parents in old age, how do they feel at that point of time? That’s something illogical. At least, we can spend the savings on us without getting tensed about someone else.
2. You would regret never having your own kids!
If it’s their own decision, why would they regret later. They are mature enough to handle things and decide about their own life.
3. You need to plan it otherwise it affects your health!
Well, those who are suggesting all this, stop acting like a doctor. No one can give me better health advice than a doctor.
4. You’ll never know happiness of being a parent!
Well, we are happy and we will be.
5. One day, you will change your mind!
Well, if they are so sure about it, then they must be knowing about my other future plans too. So tell me guys, would I be able to win a lottery ticket in future?
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