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We all have dreams and passion that we want to follow one day but instead of that we are stuck in a job that has nothing to do with what we are. And in that process, we start hating our jobs. So in order to make you feel better, we are going to have a look at some of the weird jobs our favorite celebs used to have. And believe me, some of these are just outrageously funny.
And we all have knowledge about few of them like Akshay Kumar was a waiter and Rajnikant was a bus conductor and stuff like that so it's no fun repeating that. On that note let's go on.
1. Waiter or Waitress
Cheryl Cole | Randeep Hudda | Boman Irani | Agyness Deyn
We all have to agree that we are not always at our the best behavior when it comes to talking to waiters. We are rude and ignorant. But these individuals have lived their lives as waiters and waitress and turned the table around. Few of them are...
2. Carpenters
Harrison Ford | Matt LeBlanc
Have you ever thought that there may be a furniture around somewhere in the world which is crafted by one of your favorite actors? Well, there might be because an actor like Matt LeBlanc and Harrison Ford used to be a carpenter before going big into the Hollywood. And if I got my hands on any of their creation I wouldn't know what to do with it.
3. Cleaners
Sean Connery (Coffins Cleaner) | Matthew McConaughey (Chicken Coop Cleaner) | Kalki Koechlin (Reastraunt Floor) | Jim Carrey (Factory Worker)
When we think of these actors it's almost impossible to imagine them working as a cleaner for someone but, from cleaning restaurant floors to coffins to a chicken coop, they have done it all. Looking back at life they must have a neet feeling of achievement.
4. Fast food joints
Madonna (Dunkin' Donuts) |Barack Obama ( Baskin Robins) |Eva Mendes ( Hot Dogs on Sticks) |Rachel McAdams ( Mc Donald's) |Jennifer Hudson ( Burger King)
We all have that moment where we go to a fast food joint and see a cute girl or a good looking boy waiting to take our order. And suddenly the whole experience is elevated. Now imagine the person serving your food is president of US and A or Guinness World Records holder for a best-selling female recording artist of all time. Amazing isn't it. But we are a little late they are all big now. But you can still know their name and they are.
5. Entertainer or Service providers
Huge Jackman (Party Clown) | Danny De Vito (Hair Stylist) | Nicole Kidman (Massage Therapist) |Patrick Dempsey (Juggler) |Victoria Beckham (Dressed as a Sperm, for sex education)
It sucks to be stuck in a thankless job where you always have to put a smile on your face or always be happy and energetic no matter how bad your day might be. Well, these stars have seen days like these.
6. All in All Weird Ass jobs
I can't describe these jobs because they are too absurd to explain so, I am just going to tell.
Angelina Jolie (Funeral Director) | Demi Moore (Debt Collector) | Amy Adams (Hooters) | Jon Hamm (Set Design for Porn Flims) | Jay Z (Drug Dealer)
And the one above all Mr. Christopher Walken as Lion Tamer.
Can you imagine it, Mr. Walken talking to a lion in his voice. It's too good to be trueand it is true.
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