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Umbrellas are nothing new to the society but in this modern era , there are many innovations which can literally bring your eyeballs out. These wacky umbrellas are one of such innovations that will keep you between “WTF” and “OMG”. The umbrellas you will see in these pictures are flexible and take all your problems into account.
Check out the wackiest kinds of umbrellas around the world:
1. Senz Umbrella
These are created as per the aerodynamic design which can withstand up to 70 mph winds. Now you know why the extended front-shade!
2. Flexible Umbrella
Let me take the liberty to enlighten you, these umbrellas have the power to withstand strong wind, so this is a double problem-solver for both rain and storm.
3. Shoe Umbrella
Well, I don’t know should I be happy or angry seeing this! I care for my shoes a lot because they cost a lot but I am too image-conscious.
4. Double Umbrella
Do I need say more! This is like the solution for all the lovey-dovey couples who don’t even want the rain to separate them.
5. Superbrella Umbrella
You can only find such kind of innovation in Japan, unique, out of the box and supremely weird but useful.
6. Inflatable Cloud Umbrella
This can be your own personalised cloud and it will keep you protected from the rain and sure give you a good feeling.
Do you want to try out these in public area or you too are too image-conscious?
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