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Single hood and being in relationship, both of these phases are marked by some stark life changes. Below illustrations point at these differences, check ‘em out and see for yourself, how many of them are true for you?
# Clothes
Single- Sweatpants are your go to attire. You will wear the same t-shirt everywhere, from a happening marriage party to your boring office meetings
Committed- Suits, ties and all things nice to keep up with the lady, and who decided that gentlemen are supposed to carry handkerchiefs.
# Facial Hair
Single- Your beard is your best friend, any comment on it is deemed as a direct hit on your manhood.
Committed- Salon visits become a regular thing, your overprotected beard undergoes blades of trimmer on a regular basis.
# Stupid Box
Single-TV is a box that is only used for playing action games with nice chilled beer and cheese popcorn, late nights on a lazy weekend.
Committed- You start watching rom-com’s wrapped in a blanket with your lady love, candles and caramel popcorns are the add ons to your late night weekend plans.
# Wallet
Single- Your pockets will usually be full with cash, you will run out of ways and reasons to spend the dough lying around in your accounts.
Committed- Money comes in and goes out at a faster rate, thanks to the never ending items on your special friend list.
# Alcohol
Single- Beer and Scotch is what the drinks entail and you can never have enough of them.
Committed- Wine becomes a regular taste, not that you will ever understand why anyone would like something that tastes of yeast.
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