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If you are a grammar Nazi and you are reading this, then my friend you’re going to have a bad time. What would happen to all the typos if weren’t for grammar Nazis. There are two types of people in this world. First come the ones who cherish their lives with, “Mah lyf, mah rulez” and the second type are the ones who get a heart attack after reading these slangs. They are the grammar Nazis.
We all face these people in our daily life. We find them in our WhatsApp groups and other group chats. They are always on a hunt for typos. You type something wrong on the group chat and you see how difficult it becomes for the group to stay calm. Perfection according to grammar Nazis is correct punctuations, correct grammar and right use of apostrophes.
Imagine a situation when a guy is on his knees proposing you, “Lisa, my heart skips a beat every time you flip your hairs!” and you know how your rest of the life’s going to be.
Every post comes with advantage and disadvantages both so, here are some cons of being a grammar Nazi-
1. You know how easy it is to annoy a grammar Nazi
All you need to do is send a message to them with wrong grammar or simply just whisper in their ears,” Your a good guy.” This will be enough to explode their minds.
2. Correcting everyone is like a huge burden on shoulders of Nazis
Only grammar Nazis know about the burden of responsibility of correcting everyone around them.
3. Ruining a moment is their art
Have you seen a grammar Nazi being active at some crucial moments? Like when your boyfriend is about to propose to you and you start correcting him even before he finishes or someone giving you condolence on funeral and you forget that should you are supposed to grieve at that moment.
4. They have a repo to maintain and can’t make mistakes
Grammar Nazis have to be very careful because they don’t have the right to be wrong at any moment. They have a certain reputation to maintain.
5. They get avoided most of the time
People try to avoid getting engaged in a conversation with a grammar Nazi because they know they aren’t going home without learning the difference between your, you’re and you are!
Only three people on the planet who know how to make the correct use of grammar: Shashi Tharoor, Grammarly, and your grammar Nazi friend. Try to keep the last two close because no one else but they will come to your rescue when you want to write that long final message to your girlfriend or boyfriend.
Disclaimer: This article is just for fun and does not want to hurt any grammar nazi.
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