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What you actually miss about your childhood? The games, your friends, cousins or some fun things about your summer time! Childhood is that golden phase of life which we remember at every other stage in our life. The things we used to do in childhood are really precious and the memories are just out of the world. But the best memory that you all cherish throughout your lifetime is undoubtedly the memories with our lovely grandparents.
Grandparents are the certainly the angels of our life who shower unconditional love upon us and in return what they want is our time. They just want some moments of our life because for them we, their little children are their lifeline.
So here I share some lovable things we used to do in our childhood with our adorable grandparents. This would definitely make you feel nostalgic about those memorable days.
1. The mysterious tales
Just think of those memorable days when your grandmother used to tell mysterious, sometimes horrible stories about their own childhood. The life experiences they used to share used to take us into some other world. Sometimes the stories scared us; sometimes they were like a fantasy.
2. Getting our favorite food
Yelling for our favourite food items was one of the gross things we used to do in our childhood. Then the denial by mom was actually irritating. But it was only our grandparents who used to take us along to the market, get us those little Favorited things and made us happy. Aww, I am really feeling nostalgic.
3. Playing and patting their soft wrinkled skin
This used to be my favorite pastime. Playing with their loose skin and hugging them is something that I miss a lot about my grandparents. Cuddling them used to make me feel cosy and satisfied to the core.
4. Having fun with them
You must have done that in your childhood. Playing hide and seek with your grandparents was such a great fun. Moreover, asking them to play carom, Luddo, snake ladder used to be the favourite pastime.
5. Your all- time supporters
It’s of course the grandparents who always used to save us from our parents scolds. Whenever we used to do something naughty, they were always in our support. This is the reason why we still remember them.
6. Perfect Lullabies
The perfect lullaby singers are undeniably, our grandparents. No one can ever be compared to them. Their loris used to make us feel sleep any moment. The soft shaky voice of my granny still echo in my ears till today.
Well, gone are the days when we had no tensions and only love was sprinkled all around. But now, when they are no more with us, we may just cherish those precious moments for the rest of our lives.
Three cheers to our cutest and lovable grandparents who reside deep inside our hearts!
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