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Every relationship is based on trust. It always comes first. If you have trust issues in your relationship then it would never get strong and long-lasting. The loyalty is indeed a key to strengthen you bond.
If you are in a relationship and feels that your partner is behaving differently than before then there might be the chances that he/she is ditching you. The gestures, behaviour and overall body language can depict what exactly the matter is. If you get a little feeling that your partner is cheating on you then do find out with these simple signs that he/she would definitely show towards you.
Check out the body language signs that would certainly help you to find out about his real intentions.
1. They would usually hide their palms keeping them at the back
If they are loyal, they would be calm enough in front of you otherwise they would keep things under wrap.
2. They would avoid hugging you
It seems like an accident, but beware, it’s isn’t like that. They would make things less intimate between you two.
3. Their voice would crack when they talk about commitment
The voice might go louder or shaky while talking about living together forever. It’s a sign that they are probably unsettled.
4. They would stop cuddling
They don’t want to get intimate with you if they have someone else in their life.
5. They won’t listen to your problems
You would gradually feel an emotional distance between you two.
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