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The world is filled with crazy people who can take creative genesis to another level. French photographer Vincent Flouret has done something like that only. He is currently working on a project which features his adorable dog. He clicked photos of his dog where he is seen impersonating Madonna’s iconic poses and the results are outright hilarious.
Vincent commented on his project and said: “Everything is like a game for him so yes, for example, if he needs a hat for a picture, I buy it weeks before and we play with it like if it’s one of his pet toys. And so, it’s ‘normal’ and fun for him when we shoot for real weeks later. I am a big fan of Madonna, these pictures I’m doing with Max are tributes to artists that I love and respect. It’s a break between my commercial work,that is bringing me to the simple pleasure of pure creation, love, and happiness.”
Check out some of the quirkiest recreations by Vincent and his dog from the project they’ve been working on:-
1). Ray Of Light Album Cover
The resemblance is uncanny. LOL!
2). “Hung Up” Music Video
Madonna is fine but Doggo is SEXY!
3). “Like A Virgin” Album Cover
This one's the BEST!
4). “Material Girl” Music Video
Hahahahhahahah, DOGdamn it!
5). “True Blue” Album Cover
Such Beauty, Much Wow!
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- Shivam
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