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Another name of shopping is ‘woman’ indeed. Women can’t live without shopping. Their whole life depends upon only one thing thought and that is what exactly to buy. If you, as a man, want to make your girl happy then there is no better option than taking her to the mall and make her shop whatever she wants. Trust me; it would be the best day of your life.
However, meanwhile you would definitely become bored. We have mostly noticed that men have no interest in what their wives are buying. On the other hand they enjoy going to mall, feel comfortable sitting on a sofa, scroll things on mobile or take a sound nap. If you are a man and is reading this, you may perfectly relate yourself to these facts.
To make you recall more instances, let me show you some of the funny pictures of these idol men among whom some are sad and some are busy with their own things while their wives are busy shopping.
1. The ladies bag is telling the tale
2. Sleeping with all sensory modes off
3. The ‘I am broke’ husband
4. When suddenly he got up from a sound nap and pretend he was busy on phone
5. The confused face how to choose between too outfits, that too, for wife
6. When it’s harder than working out in the gym
7. Unaware of the surroundings as he has no interest at all
8. When phone is your only companion
9. ‘To look sexy regardless of age’ is what his wife’s motto of life
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