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1. when your Mom finds a packet of condom from your jeans pocket
Me: This is not mineMom: stares..Me: It was for Biology experiment in schoolMom: you don’t study biology, and you are in collegeMom: I think shopkeeper gave it by mistake, I asked him for plastic bag and as plastic bags are banned, he gave this.Mom: Flying Chappal
2.When your mom accidently listens to your conversation with your girlfriend on Phone
Mom: what was that?Me:what?Mom: mmmuuuuuaaahh …that?Me: my friend asked me a problem from mathematics so I was just talking time to think link hmmmmmm, and then when I cracked it in mind I said han..You mistook it with something else.Mom: ‘I have given birth to you , I know how you are’Flying chappal
3.When your mom finds out girls lingerie in your cupboard
Mom: whose is this?Me: I don’t know, I am not a girl.Mom: that’s what I am asking, whose is this?Me: may be yours??Mom: flying chappal, jhadu everything possible.
4.When you are watching Porn, and your mom suddenly enters in the room
Me:……………(special advice: don’t say anything, just Run, because no one is going to save you what will happen next.) Comment your experience, if you happen to be caught in these kind of situation.
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