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Deepika Mhatre is a maid by day and comedian by night, this is the kind of swagger personality we are going to talk about today. Deepika is 43 and she has recently started her newly found talent and that is stand-up comedy.
Just a year ago, Deepika was just another maid who used to work as a domestic help but now she is doing a dual job. Though it is nowhere written that maids can’t do anything else but she is certainly the #BossLady who is breaking a few glass ceilings and bringing the truth of Indian elites to the forefront.
If you ask what are the topics the maid-cum-standup comedian is speaking about in her shows!
Mhatre shared with The Guardian, “I used my experiences for my routine, like other comedians.”
She is mostly speaking of the way maids are treated widely in India. Mhatre shared, “There are people like Sangeeta madam, who always do good things for us. But on the other hand, I worked at some places where I am always a servant—an inferior. They tell me not to sit on chairs, only on floors, and to drink water or tea from separate glasses. I speak about all of it—good and bad.”
Lines which proves she is here to destroy the Elites with her savage lines:
1. "I'm very special. The building I work in has a special elevator for me. The house I work in has special utensils only for me..."
2. “Madam wants less ghee on her chapatis, she wants less oil in the vegetables,” she started off. “Why? ‘To lose weight,’ she says. Arrey then why keep that big block of cheese for me to grate into sandwiches?”
3. When she was asked about her family, she replied:“I have three daughters… and one husband.”
We would love Deepika to continue finding humour in her monotomous life and we get to hear her more often in standup comic shows. Mhatre is not worried about anyone ‘Elite’ minding her comedy and says firmly “no madam can scare me”.
You can watch her performance in the show here:
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Author: Srinanti Bagchi
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