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M Karunanidhi, the Kalaignar is a man who has redefined himself in all ages. On 7th August, he died due to age related illness. The Kalaignar sure knew what the people wants and likes, therefore, he never lost an election in 61 years. He is not just a mere politician of Tamil Nadu but a man who wore many hats. Before entering politics, he was a screenwriter and in that area too, he wrote scripts which were strong voices on social causes and changed the course of Tamil cinemas.
Here are the best scripts penned by Karunanidhi:
1. Rajakumari (1947): In this film, he collaborated with MG Ramachandran (MGR) who later his arch rival in his political career. At the age of 23, Karunanidhi penned this film and his craft can be seen with full of social references.
2. Manthiri Kumari (1950): The movie was based on Tamil epic Kundalakesi, again the movie stars MG Ramachandran. This film is a prodigy of how good writing can make a multi-cast movie so gripping and interesting.
3. Parashakti (1952): In this, the Kalaignar collaborated with Sivaji Ganesan and SS Rajendran. It is till date credited one of the profound stories on the ‘lost and found’ theme.
4. Iruvar Ulam (1963): In this, Karunanidhi showed he is not only good with satirical writing but he has much more to offer. He had the special quality to understand the balance between popular taste and complex themes.
5. Nyaya Tharasu (1989): As a screenwriter, Karunanidhi ensured that the real meaning of the society is brought into life through films. Here the lead actor, Radha plays a Naxal activist with many layers in the story.
May his soul rest in peace and his socialist and rationalist ideals be spread as a legacy all over the world.
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Author: Srinanti Bagchi
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