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Day 1 of the second Test between India and England left the fans in the stadium disappointed as the match was washed out without a ball being bowled. It started with a drizzle and soon after it started raining because of which the teams even didn’t get the chance to decide who is going to bowl or bat over toss. It would have been a historical match India team will look forward to winning the match as they didn’t have a good record in past.
As it seems that rain is going to play a major role in the match, let’s see how the weather for the next four days looks like.
Day 2
Friday’s weather is quite similar to Thursday’s with rain expected in afternoon and evening. So there are chances that even on the second day, the expectation of the teams playing all the sessions should not be kept.
Day 3
Saturday's weather looks bit clear as the chance of rain are bare to a minimum. Cricketing fans might get a chance to witness the full day match.
Day 4
Sunday's weather shows that there are chances that there will be bit rain and also bit clear weather in the rest of the day. So both the teams will play only a few sessions on the fourth day.
Day 5
Monday’s weather is mixed and the teams have to face clouds, sunshine, and rainfall. Though most of the time the weather is going to be a bit cloudy, however at some moments there would be sunshine.
Check out the Google Weather update for the remaining 4 days at Lord's
After analyzing the weather that has been predicted for the remaining days of the second test in Lord’s Test, the result for the match is going to be a tie. Both the teams will not be able to play even 3 full days of cricket and India’s dream of winning the historic match doesn’t seem possible.
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Author: Amit Singh
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