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#1 When You Accidentally Pee In The Pool
We all can agree that the frog is really sorry for his/her act.
#2 Watching Kama Sutra 3D
Hey! he is an adult lemur (or mongoose) and what he does inside his bedroom is not your concern.
#3 Regular Ride On My Invisible Bike
Let's get that brown cat before she kills someone.
#4 And This Is The Cat They Are Chasing
Fuck Off humans!
Bollywood "Heroes" On Foreign Location
Ye wala step kesa hai sir??
#4 Me And My Friend Recreating Last Episode Of Game Of Thrones
Mai Drogon aur ye Jon Snow, ab ye dhek kese touch karega muje.
#5 When Relatives Brings Food
Bahaut Dino se bhooka hu malik.
#6 When My Rich Friend Complains About Life
Kabhi Friday Evening Mai Metro Mai Safar Karo, Tab Bat Karenge
#7 Just Big Brother's Thing
Is bar second floor se roll karunga.
#8 Me After 2 Days Of Gyming
Kuch To kam lag raha hai na?
#9 Me and My Friend Watching Sacred Games
"Hindu Hotel mai jo kaam ek haddi kar sakti hai wo ....."
#10 Me After Watching Mom Outside The School
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