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When we talk about relationships and especially about the Husband-Wife relationships, it is very tricky. There are two individuals involved in a relationship, there is going to be a lot of understanding, loyalty and space for both but on a human level, they will have silly arguments which doesn’t mean a thing. Bigger problems seem to find solutions smoothly but the silly ones are argued over and over.
Here Are The Never Dumb Arguments That Happen Between Your Spouse:
1. The toilet seat drama
Boys and men, you need to understand that it is gross, end of the story! Show your irresponsibility in other things.
2. Wrong directions
Oh yeah, though the husbands are super-cool about their driving skills but they ain’t no nothing about directions when it comes to taking you to the right address at the right time.
3. This movie or that
And the genre difference…there will be atleast one time every month when you will have this fight where he wants to go for a different movie and you the other one.
4. Room temperature
The cold-blooded and the steaming hot person in the same room is always a trouble in summer because the AC doesn’t air the temperature suitable to both.
5. Watched rest of the season alone
The ditcher of the relationship is caught now it seems!
6. The cleanliness issues
This is the story of each and every relationship and if you are lucky enough to find your husband as a complete cleanliness freak, in that case maybe you are the dirty one. The baseline being both of them can’t be cleanliness freak! RARE!
7. The shower length
Ok, we are guilty about it but don’t you agree that you forget about the world when you are in the shower?
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Author: Srinanti Bagchi
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