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Celebrating the joyous day of International Left-Handers Day, take a moment to read about the facts and struggles of left-handers. So, if you are a lefty or you have friends and family who are lefties living in a right-handed world, give them a warm hug and oath not to irritate them any longer.
Being left handed is not a problem because one is born with it so its pretty natural for the lefties. Where the problems begin is that lefties are very less common in the world, so most of the things are made keeping the right-handed people in mind. So, there are many random things which becomes slightly harder for all the lefties. So, they are always in the adjustment mode!
The struggles lefties go through in a day to day basis is just overwhelming. In the right-handed ruling world, the lefties are the minorities who are always ignored. Okay, that sounds very dramatic but yes they are not thought of very much.
Another day, another struggle lost because of being left-handed.
Now, you see, will you ever try to mess with our intelligence and brilliance?
See, this is simple and it should always be simplified as this.
Now, you know what I was talking about, the rare breed, and it is always a bit awkward…
There is nothing to be ashamed of or be aware of all the time, you should take pride in your superpower.
Yes, feel proud and cherish how you were born and how you are comfortable in as long as you are not disturbing anyone.
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Author: Srinanti Bagchi
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