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When it comes to fashion inspiration, Bollywood celebrities are not the only ones to turn your head around. These days there are a flock of fashion bloggers and fashionistas who are roaming around casually and they are also keeping you updated with the latest fashion, out of the box fashion, cool fashion and basically everything related to fashion. So, taking some inspiration from these fashion icons of daily lives, today we will talk about wearing denims without styling it with denim jeans.
Denim jackets are one of the coolest materials made but most of us only wear it with a pair of jeans, is it fair? Play around and explore the newer options of wearing denim jackets and you will be amazed. Today, we are going to have a look at some serious wardrobe goals which you can style yourself with very easily.
1. With Skirt
Yes, you can pair your denim jacket with skirt and that will look quite pretty. Right from denim shirts or denim jackets, pairing them with your skirt will be your go-to look in no time.
2. With Saree
Flaunt your sassier side and pair your saree with a denim jacket. If you have that killer attitude and always searching for new styles to try out, this is your thing.
3. With Mini Dress
If you want to keep the cuteness and coziness of the mini-skirt look intact, denims will really enhance that. Denim jacket will give you the coziness factor.
4. With Kurti
Trends are quickly fading and people are lately becoming more accepting towards personal fashion. So, when you decide to pair your kurti with denims, you can do it casually.
5. With Long Dress
Gown and flowy long dress goes really well when you pair it with these jackets. Also, if you are choosing a dress which is not so flowy or tight, that can also work pretty well.
Pairing your attire with denim jackets can be a little tricky but when you start experimenting, you will get the drill quickly.
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Author: Srinanti Bagchi
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