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Being in a multiple culture is probably not the easiest thing but it is surely the most interesting thing. The diverse culture of India is full of people with different background, culture, religion and different professionals too. Being an interesting culture, there are various interesting professions too and today we will be talking about Fisherman and Fisherwoman.
These pictures will tell you the story of the fisherman and woman and how all the time they spend to bring you the freshwater fish that you get. The pictures will give you a glimpse into their lives, the beauty, vivid colors and most importantly their connect with the nature is something to learn from:
1. Happy fisherman
Once a happy man, always a happy man.
2. The net and how much wide can it be spread
If you are planning to have a tour of India just to explore India from its roots, here is which gets closer to that.
3. Collecting fish for the night market
When your profession looks as gorgeous as this, it makes you peaceful too.
4. The ladies of the business
Do not confuse that fish business is only for men, Goa and Andhara Pradesh have more fisherwomen than men in the market especially.
5. Beauty can be found anywhere
This is one unique profession where you cannot hurry for anything because as you know, fishing takes time and therefore, hurrying is injurious to the business.
6. It’s time to sail
With so many diversities, the methods of fishing within India also varies from state to state.
7. As fierce as it can get
Nagaland and Manipur have very primitive style of fishing and till date, they use it.
8. The beauty of fishing
Do you know there are various Indian fishermen tribes and castes in India which have their own festivals to celebrate fishing?
9. The port
These fisherman festivals wishes the weather to be kind and seeks blessings from the nature gods.
10. This serene profession can give birth to more ‘Majhis’
Majhi re O majhi re, dekha hai kya tumne mujhe?
11. They will always be happy, just need some respect
India is full of surprises, travel more and you will keep on knowing the depths of our country which will eventually broaden your view eventually.
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Author: Srinanti Bagchi
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