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Do you find it difficult to resist a heated argument? Does your blood starts to boil when someone refuses to co-operate with you? Do you find yourself fuming and messing around with people for petty issues? Then mate, you might have been dealing a lot with anger.Anger is a natural emotion. Often triggered by something or someone we usually dislike. However, when it becomes patented for you and when people start avoiding you for the same, then it really is the high time one must take steps to ease it away.
Anger is an adrenaline driven response and when unrestrained, it can lead to some grave trouble. It might be due to inadequate sleep, work pressure or maybe because you have experienced child abuse or any other similar traumatic event.
Whatsoever the reason could be, it is really important to cope up with temper issues before it begins to make you feel like an outcaste.Whenever you are in turmoil or when you feel like beating the crap out of a person or when are annoyed to an extent that it becomes irrevocably difficult to endure anyone around, follow these simple anger management steps mentioned below:
1.Think before speaking Words are like spilled milk. When spoken once, it cannot be taken back. When temper takes toll over you, it is rather easy to say things that you might regret later. Therefore, think before you utter anything.
2.Find a place to relieve it Yelling at your parents, breaking things, and slamming doors hardly solve any problem and don’t make any sense either. Instead, find a spot to let all your anger drift away. Like, grab a jar and scream like never before or get around a garden and start thumping hard.
3.Exercise it off Whenever you feel agitated, one of the best possible way to drive it into something positive, is by exercising it off. Take a brisk walk or sweat it off on a treadmill. It stimulates your muscles, makes you feel calm and relaxed.
4.Count it onMost of us might consider that counting until 10 whenever you are angry is old school. In fact, before expressing yourself ,take a time out and count uptil 10 while breathing deeply. This definitely deflates your anger a bit.
5.Distract yourselfIt is better to distract yourself consciously into something else. Try thinking about what can you wear the next day or the best way is to start humming your favorite tune.
6.When you’re calm enough, say itWhen all the heating up is done and you begin thinking clearly, express yourself in a clear manner without hurting anyone’s sentiments.
7.Smile it awaySmiling at odd situations might sound a bit weird but it is better to hide the sarcasm in a sweet smile. Although some people can sense it, but then it is better than slamming at people.
8.Point out the humor in it Find a humorous side in whatever situation that is likely to blow you up. And yes stop reacting. Simple !
9.Pen down your feelingsWrite all your problems on a piece of paper. Scribble on it, tear it, and abuse it. Do whatever you want but spare the person behind it.
10.Meditation possesses a lot of healing powers to calm your mind and bring your inner peace to the fore.
One of the most basic reasons for short temper is expecting from people. Hence, stop expecting too much from everyone. Expectations not only drive you mad, it hurts you from within.Finally to conclude, it is always better to act with a calm and composite mind. Anger doesn’t only breaks relations, it also makes it difficult to achieve our goals and desires .
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