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Well, no doubt artificial sweeteners give us a fair advantage to win over various health issues. However, these notorious substitutes also possess a great deal of demerits that can be very unsafe for your body.
Artificial sweeteners were once credited and anticipated as carcinogens like saccharin, which is a widely used sweetening agent. However, later all the charges were dropped and it was decided that there are no adverse effects of saccharin . artificial sugar does not automatically enable a person to reduce weight, especially if he is over consuming food.
Artificial sweeteners are mostly man-made chemicals which are not found in nature. In other words, it can be harmful for human body as it isn’t designed to handle such chemicals.
Moreover, it can lead to certain allergies in some people.Sweeteners not approved by FDA (FOOD AND DRUG ADMINISTRATIN) or exceeding the level.In take by kids or adults can prove fatal in long term.Arty from these, some artificial sweeteners can lead to many side effects like nausea, insomnia, mood changes, dizziness, depression and so on.
New alternatives to sugar are introduced in market all the time. But you have to be sure to do your research and decide what is more important for you: fewer calories, or more natural products.
You should remember that artificial sweeteners are a processed food, and consumption should be minimized as much as possible.Forlornly, there are a number of artificial sweeteners that have not been tested to a great extent. And therefore can appear harmful in many ways in near future.
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