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When someone says, good things comes to your life without planning them, they probably are right. People who take risks or love exploring new ideas, the success rate of them might be a little low but when they hits the right idea, it becomes massive. Believe it or not, some of the most celebrated products in the market were discovered by mistake. From Nutella to corn flakes, these are accidental inventions which went on to become millionaires:
1. Super Glue
In 1942, Eastman Kodak scientist Harry Coover Jr. was trying to create a clear plastic gunsights for war and during the research, he came across with cyanoacrylate. Coover then found out that the substance is ridiculously sticky and that was not suitable for the purpose.
Later, Coover was working on another project on heat-resistant jet plane canopies. Fred Joyner, Coover’s colleague recalled his invention on cyanoacrylate and retested its properties. In that time, he discovered the incredible commercial potential of this ultra-strong adhesive. Then the adhesive was launched in 1958 as the rather prosaic Eastman #910, later gained its name Super Glue in 1970s.
2. Corn Flakes
Once the Michigan Sanitarium Director, Dr. John Harvey Kellogg and his brother, Will Keith Kellogg were trying to make granola, instead mistakenly left the wheat to dry out. Then this breakfast staple was invented mistakenly in an afternoon at 1894. The brother duo then pressed the staled grains and the first batch of the crispy cereals was made.
Since the family of Kelloggs always believed that grain-based vegetarian diet would suppress unhealthy urges, thus they further boosted the invention.
3. Nutella
In 1946, a pastry chef from Alba – Piedmont, Pietro Ferrero wanted to create a chocolate confection but cocoa beans were too costly in Postwar Italy. Instead Ferrero tried to use hazelnuts as they were cheap and the supply was plentiful.
Next, Pietro launched Giandujot which was a hard hazelnut and chocolate confection that can be cut using a knife. It was budget friendly and all was going pretty well until the scorching heat of 1949. On one such scorching afternoon, and the entire batch of Giandujot melted completely. This summer heat gave birth to our creamier and delicious Nutella that we all love.
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Author: Srinanti Bagchi
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