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Let me begin by writing, Yes! That is possible.
It is understandable that people like having friends who have common interests but is it cool to bond with person when he/she is not in a good state of mind? Does that even count on a genuine relation like friendship? Friendship, like all relationship is very pure and to bond with someone, you need a real connection otherwise when you are not getting drunk, chances are you will not like that person.
Also, another thing which I see in people is, people who don’t drink, feels left out all the time because in some very deep way, they are made to feel like they are not cool. So, if you are don’t drinking or smoking, it doesn’t make you uncool but super cool because of the resilience you have even in this peer-pressure friendly world.
Now, if you are trying to make friends without alcohol, here is what you can do:
1. Physical activities
This is the best way to bond and great way to break the ice. It will show the raw emotions of a person whether good or bad and you will know if that is the right match for your long-term sister-hood or bro-hood.
2. Traveling
Though this is not much of a safe option but if you have a fair enough idea that ‘zyada se zyada kya ho jayega’, then you can go. Again, travelling will let you explore a lot and show the extreme side of that person, so you will know how long can you tolerate.
3. Intellectual talks
This works wonder, if you can bond on an intellectual level, the chances are very high that the friendship will last for a long time. The reason for that being, it is difficult of people to find an intellectual match as it has many layers, so when you find a real bond there, you don’t want to lose that for life.
4. Cultural interest
Another great way to bond is if you similar cultural background or interest. This initially gives you many things to talk about and debate as well. So, you will also get more opportunities to connect with others on cultural events.
5. Volunteering
Meeting people in a charity event already means that you have a shared interest. Also this means that you are care about that particular thing but don’t limit to these options. This is a good opportunity to find a good match.
Now, don’t worry, the quantity of friends is not important but the quality very much is.
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Author: Srinanti Bagchi
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