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Irrfan Khan is a man of steel and despite battling from cancer we see his tweets now and then about his health and life philosophies. He is the man responsible for bringing India’s name into the world map with his craft.
Currently, Irrfan is battling a rare form of cancer, neuroendocrine tumour. He is not only struggling with his health but also inspiring us all for the spirit he has for life and also for his profession.
Ever since the news broke about his cancer the fans were shattered and fans all over the world is praying for his recovery because no one wants to man of his stature. Recently we also got many news where he had to walked out of many films and web series because of his critical condition.
However, fans can now take a sigh of relief as the latest reports are abuzz that the actor will be returning with a sequel to Hindi Medium.
According to a report in a leading website, the marker of ‘Hindi Medium’ has approached the actor with a script in London, where his treatment is taking place. After a brief narration of the script, the actor have showed green light to the project and confirmed about his involvement in the film.
Reportedly the sequel will take a leap of 10 years in the storyline and unfold Irrfan's story from the previous installment of the film.
On his verge to win over cancer, we all stand with him and pray for him with whole heart.
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Author: Srinanti Bagchi
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