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We all know about the current situation in Kerala and flood situation have still not gone any better for people to lead their normal lives. The devastating food has killed 387 people till now. Though the situation is getting better, over 1 million people are now sheltered in 3,274 relief camps. At the time of all major celebrations in Kerala, all seems dark.
Onam and Bakrid are two of the most celebrated festivals in Kerala and this year is seeing way too much in the state. This is one state in India which has a good ratio of Muslim, Christian and Hindu communities living in peace.
Eid al-Adha is a Muslim festival which is celebrated all around the globe by Muslims. This is also known as The Festival of Sacrifice or 'Big Eid' and it is considered to the second most prominent Muslim holidays in the year. This year Kerala couldn’t celebrate the festival this year because of the devastating conditions, is the Onam going to be dark too?
Onam, on the other hand is a celebration of agriculture which is also called as the harvest festival. The first month of Malayalam Calendar is celebrated with joy and enthusiasm, now the state is going through a major crisis and all over the world is trying to help people get back to their normal lives.
Onam is celebrated with elaborate feasts, songs, dances and games from their culture. This time, many families who are not as much damaged from the other places in the state have also decided against any festivities. Neither Eid- Al Adah nor Onam will be celebrated in the state too mourn and instead help the needful.
Instead of onam celebration, the people are donating their money to be used for relief works for flood victims. Hopefully the state will recover soon and no more lives are lost any more!
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Author: Srinanti Bagchi
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