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A boss and an employee’s relationship can be very fruitful if you know the right way to speak to them. Considering that every boss has different kind of energy and relationship with you, but there are some lines you must never cross.
Though the understanding bosses are very less worldwide, some lacks perspective and some are extremely visionary which means you need to follow them. The latter is not mostly the case because most of the boss wants to feel like a boss more than getting the job done, which on the hindsight they realise is not the right thing to do. But in case you have a boss who is bossy to you, here is what you should never say to them:
1. “Your job isn’t even that hard anyway”
First of all, let me begin by saying, you have no idea what all work one has to do as a boss, so this is just disrespectful. Even if you know that your boss is not doing enough and yet taking all the credit, saying that blatantly will only show your negative attitude.
2. “I am hungover right now”
Yes, ofcourse we drink and have fun on the weekends but saying to your boss about your present hungover state will again show your negative attitude towards work. This will reflect that you are not taking your work seriously even if you do.
3. “Mind if I slip out early for an interview?”
Another negative point for your unprofessionalism is to leave the work pending what you are committed to do. It is ofcourse understood that at some point you will want to step out and explore other things but skipping out in the current job you haven’t even resigned is not something great.
4. “Sorry I’m late, this meeting is so boring”
A part of getting mature is to be a little diplomatic because that is part of your communication. When you are communicating with your boss, you cannot say whatever you want to but be a little responsible about what you are saying.
5. “We should grab drinks at lunch”
No, just no. Never say or even think about such a thing where you get high in an office time. You shouldn’t be drinking on the job, you can ofcourse ask your boss out for dinner or on weekend for parties if you are too close.
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Author: Srinanti Bagchi
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