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Do you think when you see trees or plants, it automatically makes you calm and peaceful? Yes, it is because trees or plants can do that to you.
Any tree or a plant is very peaceful in nature and they don’t cause any destruction or disturbance to anyone but only provide greatness in the nature. They are the reason we get oxygen and if you always had a wish that you will grow some cute plants indoors or in your room, this is where we can help you.
Here Are 5 Plants You Can Easily Grow In Your Home Or Indoor Spaces:
1. English Ivy
This is a very easily manageable plant and it helps in reducing airborne fecal-matter particles. They just need bright light and look fresh, if they do not get sunlight, they might attract pests. It also helps in filtering out formaldehyde found in many household cleaning products.
2. Ficus Pumila
Again, this just needs some right sunlight, so you can keep in on your reading table near the window. It can be grown easily with soil-based potting mix. Water the plant regularly especially during the growing season and it will stay happy.
3. Aloe Vera
This is a very basic plant but very useful as well. The best part is, it doesn’t require much maintenance to grow aloe vera and this cleans the formaldehyde and benzene in the air. Aloe plants likes to be dry and warm, so, you don’t need to water them always, it doesn’t like to be wet and cold.
4. Ladies’ Slipper Orchid
By far if you are missing some colors in your plants, this will bring that with grace. These orchid plants have unusual slipper-shaped flowers with dark green leaves. It is great for indoors but you need to take care while watering the plant. Water it once a week and do not let the plant get exposed to direct sunlight.
5. Azalea
This helps in reducing formaldehyde levels from plywood and paints. The flower will not bloom throughout the year but in spring and last several weeks. Again, do not get it exposed to direct sunlight, it can burn the leaves.
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Author: Srinanti Bagchi
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