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We all know what an Indian family is like and how we find happiness in these small annoying things. From my belief, every family is dysfunctional and the more the family is big, more the annoyance increases. From your mom’s over-protectiveness, to your dad snoring everytime you try to tell him a story, it is amazing how an Indian family works.
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Ep. 69 - Lewdicrous

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All these weird little things are put into a comic format and you know how fun that can be! Yes, this webcomic is putting forward all the Indian scenarios in the best possible way. The cartoonist named Sailesh Gopalan hits the nail on the head with each and every illustration.
The Facebook and Instagram page of the cartoonist is Brown Paperbag comics. With over 160 K followers is a goldmine if you love comics. Also, the disclaimer he has put up in his Facebook page is "A webcomic about brown paper bags with multiple metaphorical connotations subject to individual interpretation so you don't ask me what it means."
So, Here Are The Hilarious Comics Illustrating Indian Family Scenes:
1. When the Bai takes forever to clean up during 50 degree Celsius
2. Logics is not something we apply to ourselves – Every Indian parents ever
3. When you and your dad can never have a fulfilling conversation
4. When the evil of your house is the most innocent faced person
5. Sometimes the lack of clubs is felt real hard!
6. When the genes rejected to react on your body evenly like your fathers’.
7. Mostly this happens with dads but now the gene is working fast at the son.
8. Moms, sometimes they can be real annoying, you know that!
So, do you have a dysfunctional family like this? You can relate right!
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Author: Srinanti Bagchi
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