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It is very difficult to maintain both work life balance these days. It will be completely safe to say that work often takes a toll over our health and peace of mind both. You will find every second person struggling to maintain balance with his work life and personal life.
It is important to spare some time for yourself as well. Believe me; you can easily handle both the lives with ease. You just need to focus on some points that I am going to mention now.
1. Prioritising Things
First and the foremost thing that you should focus on doing are to prioritise things. It is important to know what comes first. Keep your work completed before time and this will save you from getting panic attacks. Also, this will help you in diverting all your attention towards things that need to get done first.
2. Exercise
When you’re constantly working, it becomes easy for your health to take a backseat. Exercising can get you away from stress as well as the extra fat in your body. We know that it is difficult to spend hours in a day in the gym or even at home but all you need is an active body. Even a quick 5-minute workout is enough!
3. Plan Out Your Personal Time
Just like you plan out all your professional work well ahead of time, it is advised that you plan out your personal time as well. Decide in advance that you have to take a break and give yourself some space from the work. Mark your calendar in advance and make sure you free yourself up at those specified times.
4. Downtime
Working at a 100% is great but eventually, it does take a toll on you. It is good to sit at home and relax a bit. If you feel like the pressure is building up, take a break, recharge and then get back to it.
5. Maintain A List Of Personal & Professional Goals
Maintain a goal list for both the personal and professional life separately. Don’t let the list lean onto one side. You can’t afford to burn yourself out in order to accomplish your professional goals. So, set 1 personal goal for every professional goal you wish to achieve. This helps keep things balanced.
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Author: Akshita Jain
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