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She started her career as a child artist in Telugu films and after that she came to Mumbai to try her luck in Hindi films. She lacked everything required to be a Bollywood Actress.She was dusky, fat and above all, she was unable to speak Hindi.
No one knows how this ugly duckling suddenly turned into a Swan, and n even at her 60’s she can give competition to beautiful Bollywood Actresses. After coming to Bollywood, Rekha was linked with many actors firstly with Vinod Mehra with whom she acted in films such as ‘Ghar’. There were rumors that both got secretly hitched, at that time Rekha was only 19 years old and Vinod’s mother did not accept her as her daughter in law and she was forced to leave.
Everyone knows about Amitabh- Rekha’s affair, some people say that movie Silsila is based on their real life.After getting linked to many actors from the industry, Rekha finally wanted to settle down , at that time one of her friend told her about Delhi based Journalist Mukesh Agarwal and later in 1990 She got married to this industrialist. This marriage also did not last long with Mukesh committing suicide a year later.
Even after three months of their marriage, the couple started facing problem. Rekha felt that her husband’s lifestyle is very much different from hers, and later she caught Mukesh having lots of medicine, after being asked why he is taking so many anti-depressants and medicinal tablet, Mukesh gave her life turning shock. He revealed, he has other women in his life but he doesn’t want to lose anyone, neither Rekha nor her.
This truth shattered Rekha from inside, she was heart-broken, the very next day she came back to Mumbai and started focusing on her career, she maintained a huge distance from him and his family, His business started to fail, and this gave him pressure as well. They agree on divorcing on Sep 10, 1990. Mukesh was found dead a few days later – he had hung himself. The accident was a huge shock to the Bollywood industry at the time.
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