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Animal kingdom is a strange place but there are even things which even defy the laws of nature. So, if you have thought that animals have distinct qualities, just wait till you read more:
1. Ants
They might be the tiniest but they are the toughest too. Did you know they are capable of lifting 5,000 times of weight than their own body weight? Yes! Now you might be thinking how is that possible? The answer to that lies on their neck joint as it can withstand an extraordinary amount of pressure.
2. Raven
Ravens are basically known for their intelligence but there is much more to them. Because of their superficial intelligence, they have special capabilities of problem-solving. Ravens are capable of planning ahead of time, which is why they keep the tools organized before starting a task.
3. Giraffe
Yes, it is about their neck. There are two theories of giraffes having long neck. The first is that, their long neck have developed because of sheer necessity to reach food from trees. The second, on the other hand, is a sex-selected trait where males have an advantage to seek for his mate.
4. Sloth
For sloths, pooping is a dangerous business. YEAH! They are notoriously slow and lazy animals but they are willing to put their lives in danger to poop. They generally don’t ever climb down to the forest floor but once a week theycome down from the tree just to poop on the ground and bury it. Isn’t that strange?
5. Panda
Giant pandas were meant to be carnivores but the species themselves changed their diet exclusively to bamboos. Since then, their digestive system hasn’t adapted. So as a result, pandas spent 14 hours a day munching on bamboo from where they are able to digest a mere 17 per cent of what they eat on the day. This habit is moreover putting the entire species at risk.
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Author: Srinanti Bagchi
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