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First dates are always special, a perfect combination of nervousness and blush on the face. When you have no idea what will your next topic of discussion be or will you be able to eat with your date with ease?
So, if you have already found the one for you, plan some special moments with them on a dinner date or a weekend getaway. But for the ones who are still looking for their ‘someone special’, here are the points that you should remember before you go to your first date with them.
Remember, this could be the time when you can impress the other person, but only if you refrain yourself from doing some mistakes.
Here are a few things you shouldn’t do on your first date.
1. Get Too Personal
It is very obvious that both the people on the date are nervous enough already, so making things more awkward by getting too much into the personal lives will ruin the date. It could come across as snoopy and isn’t the impression you’d want to create.
2. Not Offer To Dutch
It will be rude if either of the two doesn’t offer to dutch on the first date. You should not be waiting for the other person to feel the burden of the bill and do it yourself as a courtesy.
3. Interrupt Your Date While They Talk
Not just on dates but even otherwise, it is considered to be rude when you interrupt the other person while talking.
4. Constantly Be On The Phone
It’s extremely rude to be glued to your phone all the time. Your date will soon get bored, leave and probably never meet you again. So if you want someone to listen to you keep the phone away for a while.
5. Talk About Your Exes
One of the biggest turn-offs includes the topic of exes. Constantly talking about your exes can be a major mistake. It is okay to tell them that you had one but do not discuss further. If you were talking about your exes on every date you had till now, you shouldn’t wonder why you had to make so many attempts.
Be yourself and feel comfortable in everything you say or do, if you do not feel good about it, don’t do it! There are no set rules for what can make your date better but still try to avoid these things mentioned above.
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Author: Akshita Jain
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