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A British photographer and traveler, Jimmy Nelson is not the usual photographer you see everywhere who is interested in clicking pre-wedding and model shoot but he is more into telling stories. The photographer’s long-term project, “Before They Pass Away” is a tribute to all tribal culture around the globe. His pictures are vibrant and gives us a sneak peak to their culture. The title of the picture also tells a heart-wrenching facts which is very heart-breaking. Jimmy has traveled around the globe for three years to make this project. The tribal he pictures takes pride in wearing animal pelts and paint their faces to survive and live.
Here are some pictures from Jimmy’s “Before They Pass Away” project:
1. Maori (New Zealand)
Maori’s tradition lies heavily in art, legends, dance, community, and tattoos. The Haka military dance is the most popular amongst others.
These indigenous tribes believes in polytheism and honors more than one god and spirits.
2. Goroka - Papua New Guinea
These are the residents of Goroka, which is the capital of the Eastern Highlands Province.
The population of this particular place is close-knit because as the civilized cities are quite in a close proximity. The residents in Goroka still believe in spirits and have great respect for the wonders of nature.
The tribes are great showmans and every year the Goroka Show takes. More than 100 tribes dances, sings on their traditional hymns.
3. Asaro - Papua New Guinea
Asaro Mudmen originally means the people from the Asaro river covered with mud and that is what they are.
This is a mysterious and enigmatic tribe who wear specific clay masks all the time. Also, these masks represent their belief in spirits.
4. Chukchi (Russia)
Chukchi is a tribe who engage broadly in reindeer husbandry and hunting, the local women in their tribe also are great in sewing and embroidery.
Their hospitality and generosity are highly valued because they are always ready to offer you a meal or place to stay.
5. Rabari (India)
The Rabari tribes of India have migrated from the Iranian plateau and therefore, they have distinctive Persian features.
Found in Gujarat and Rajasthan, their entire bodies are covered with tattoos for beauty, religious and therapeutic purposes.
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Author: Srinanti Bagchi
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