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Usually guys give very specific signs when they are no more interested in talking to you. Whether its long distance or not, these signs are often a red flag to all the women who might be swooning about their crush whereas he is probably fooling around with someone. Here is a list of top signs that show that he is just not into you!
1. Uninterested in what you do
He won’t show any interest in your work or life as otherwise. He is hardly concerned about what you do or not do. For him you might just be a time pass or worse, a side chick.
2. You are always the conversation initiator.
He wouldn’t call or text you until you do. Moreover, holding a conversation with him is even tough as his only replies are hmm, K or worse BRB that doesn’t materialize, obviously. Take cue ladies.
3. Doesn’t get jealous
Men who are interested in you will show some signs of jealousy or possessiveness. If not to an extreme level, he will sometimes give subtle envious hints. If it doesn’t even ask you about any of your guy friend, maybe you would want to take a reality check.
4. Doesn’t try to impress
He doesn’t make any attempt to impress you, doesn’t even buy you flowers or shows up at your door to surprise you.
5. Doesn’t care about your whereabouts
Men are very apprehensive about how the safety of their crushes or potential girlfriend and will shows signs of concern when needed.
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