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Yeah! It’s true every man has his unique criteria for choosing a perfect girlfriend. But how can you be so sure that your girlfriend is perfect? There are many different sorts of people and different means to meet them and fall for them but how can you be sure that you are dating a perfect girlfriend?
If you are wondering about your girlfriend whether she is relationship material or not, there are few qualities you should look for.
Here are few qualities of a perfect girlfriend-
She buys you that food you like even though she hates it.
Because a way to man's heart is through his stomach?
She will always tell you why she is in a bad mood
Nobody can be in a good mood all the time. And yes if she is telling you about her bad mood that’s real communication.
She has good relationships with her family and friends and yours
She fits in with your family so easily means there is no jealousy factor and she treats your parents as her own parents.
She gives you the space you need
Everyone needs their own space and if she is giving you your space and letting you do what you want is a perfect sing of the good relationship
She Talks Openly About Sex
She just wants you to have all of the nice things all the time.
She knows how to surprise you
A sudden change of plans or anything else which breaks the routine and surprise you also make you feel special
She Doesn't Mind if you’re little Smelly or Whatever
True love means kissing first thing in the morning and not caring that your partner hasn't brushed their teeth or showered.
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