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Laugh and Laugh! The funny riddles with best humour answers for teens. Twist and turn, long and short all will blow your mind. Well, let me tell you Riddles are best and terrific exercise for the brains as its very necessary for us to laugh.
So here are some exciting riddles challenge for you and to share with your friend’s family, give them the challenge and feel the power of knowledge and sense of humour.
Let’s start. Have Fun.
Do you know what gets wetter as it dries?
 Towel
Tell me the letter of the alphabet that has most water?
 C
Is there something that is so delicate that saying its name breaks it?
 Silence
Th e electric train is traveling south, tell me where is smoke going?
 It's Electric Train so there is no smoke.
When teens are having difficulty with even numbers in their math class what do they say?
 I can’t even.
Do you know hilarious word in dictionary?
 Hilarious
I have branches, maybe a few or other times multiples, but I do not have fruit, trunk or leaves. Can you guess what am I?
 Bank
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