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If you have a boyfriend who is in love with you but your relationship is more like a friends than the relationship part, then you are doomed. He is going to be the D**s**t for most part and he will challenge you things which are really a challenge and not just a challenge that you can rub off as a dust! Here is one of such things when your boyfriend tells you that “Everytime I only have to go and go through the judgemental shame, once in a while you should feel the shame too!”
Yes, there are boyfriend who asks you to go and buy condom because that is the kind of relation you want to quit at times! But when you finish the task or don’t at times, you feel liberated that you have faced the scariest thing you could think off and everytime you come out more empowered.
So, Here Are The Thoughts Girls’ Go Through The First Time They Buy Condoms:
1. OK We've got this. You can do it! YOU CAN DO IT!
2. C’Mon stop freaking out!
3. I am going to be the confident BITCH on the surface level, no matter what the F*&^ is going on inside!
4. Oh shit! I entered, is everyone staring at me? I am just here to buy chewing gums! STOP LOOKING AT ME
5. You’re a strong independent woman and it is legal, you don’t need to escape this. You are doing nothing wrong, immoral or illegal. *HOW MUCH MORE CONVINCING DO YOU NEED?*
6. OH SHIT! Is this Chopra uncle’s shop? Now what? “Uncle mujhe pet dard ho raha hai, koi dawayi hai kya?”
7. Dude, just get in line with your mind! You are just going to ask for a packet of condoms! Don’t be a baby.
8. Don't look at me like that bhaiya! I'm already freaking nervous!
9. OK DONE! WOAH! Did I just buy a condom without collapsing? WHAT! Where did all that bravery come from!
For all those who have already did it, more power to you Girls. For those, who haven’t, you should get empowered too this hard way!
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Author: Srinanti Bagchi
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